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Ultimate Guide Before Buying Car Cleaning Towel Of Any Brand

What Every Owner Must Know Before Buying Car Cleaning Towel

A car cleaning towel is perfect for those who enjoy keeping their car clean and polished throughout the year. Buying a premium-quality microfiber cleaning towel not only dries your car but also absorbs moisture better from the car body. The perks of buying the right car cleaning towels are that you don’t end up scratching your car.

Understanding Microfiber Car Towels

Microfiber car cleaning towels are made of the finest synthetic fibre which is composed of polyester and polyamide combination. The fibres are added to the microfiber car cleaning clothes in different ratios, therefore making way for a vast array of microfibers. The microfiber towel’s blend ratio is 90/10 or it can also be 75/25 which is a polyester to polyamide ratio. Check the microfiber car cloths blend ratio before buying them.

Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels vs. Cotton Car Cleaning Towels: What to Choose and Why?

The microfiber car cleaning towel is counted for its insanely-soft nature. When looking for car cleaning towels and clothes, make sure to only count on microfiber towels, given their competency to absorb dirt and dust better. Besides, they are even experts at absorbing liquid as well. Upon choosing cotton car clothes, you might end up having lint strands on the car body.

 When shopping for car cleaning towels from an auto accessories shop online, make sure to be sure microfiber clothes over any other material.

What to Understand Before Shopping for a Car Cleaning Towel?

Various factors make it easier for you to determine the best car cleaning towel for your vehicle.

Pile Height

Pile height is used to measure the clothes’ softness. Always count on the towel with the softest possible fabric. However, for cleaning sturdier plastics and polishing paint, you can always rely on abrasive towels.

Texture Varieties

The texture varieties run inclusive of ‘suede’ and ‘waffle’. The waffle offers better absorbency, while the suede type ensures even softness across the car cleaning towel.

Material Composition

The material composition includes polyester fabric of 80% and polyamide of 20% making up the microfiber. While the polyester fabric ensures trademark softness to the material, the polyamide renders absorbency. However, the premium car cleaning towels comprises a higher polyamide concentration, unlike the budget brands. 

When shopping for car cleaning towels, make sure they are long-lasting and can eliminate grime and dirt particles real fast. Also, you must be able to wring them out easily, so drying your car doesn’t take a lifetime. 

How to Differentiate Between Car Cleaning Towels and Kitchen Towels?

Many car cleaning towel companies sell kitchen towels in the name of car cleaning clothes. However, the easy trick to differentiate a car cleaning towel from a kitchen towel is to determine the towel’s durability and absorbency power. Always look for thicker and heavy-duty car towels. Additionally, you must also look for towels with larger loops to ensure they wring out easily. 

The clothes are available in a variety of sizes; ranging from the width of a few inches to multiple feet. 

Other Types of Car Cleaning Towels That You Can Consider

While some towels are made of microfiber, others are made of chamois or cotton blend.

Cotton Car Cleaning Towels

Cotton towels are prepared from 100% cotton fibres. These cotton fibres are fabric woven and are the cheapest option in the world of car cleaning clothes. However, the downside of buying cotton car cleaning towels is that they are less absorbent and leave behind lint. But you can always use cotton blend towels to dry your car since they can trigger any swirls in the body paint.

Terrycloth Towels

Terrycloth towels are manufactured using cotton yarn loops and are known for their terry texture. The loops are available in different lengths, thicknesses and colours. The terrycloth towels are the highly-recommended choice and also the cheapest. However, terrycloth is less absorbent, unlike other car cleaning towels. This means you might have to use multiple terrycloth towels to dry the car.

Microfiber car cleaning towel is the perfect choice to wipe your car right after using the power washing or hose pipe to wash them. Microfiber clothes don’t leave any streaks or lint behind and are extremely soft.

Shopping Consideration for Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels

Look into the Car Cleaning Towel Size

You might want to evaluate your car’s size before you jump into buying a car cleaning towel. You would need larger towels for large cars, to cover every surface. The perfect way of choosing the perfect towel size is to measure your car’s length and width and follow it by dividing the result by two. This will provide you with the precise centimetre that you must choose for your towel.


The price will differ based on your towel’s size and quality. For premium quality car cleaning clothes and towels, you might have to shell out more. Buying superior quality car cleaning towels will ensure better cleaning and a longer life span.

The microfiber car cleaning towel is just what you need to handle all types of car cleaning tasks. They are lightweight and easy to use. But it doesn’t end with choosing the right towel; you must learn how to make the most of them by adhering to the right cleaning tips.

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