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Vastu Shastra’s Guide For 7 Horse Painting Placement

vastu for 7 horse painting

Who doesn’t like adding a personal touch to their living space by accessorizing with a wide range of decorative items? In terms of designing a home, paintings play a crucial function; they can change the look of any room in an instant. However, Vaastu Shastra advises people to be careful about what they put on their walls, whether paintings, photographs, or wall art. To know more about the 7 horse vastu direction, keep reading.

Horses, particularly galloping horses, come to mind when we think of optimistic artwork. These horses’ appearance embodies success, power, growth, and tranquillity. So, painting a 7-horse mural in a room is a terrific method to bring good energy according to vastu for home.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over all you need to know about the 7 horse vastu direction, including its significance, the best location, and some vastu shastra expert’s suggestions.

The Meaning of the Seven Horses Painting

Success, strength, development, peace, and wealth are all represented by seven horse paintings. Adding a seven-horse picture to your house is the most acceptable method to attract good energy. Among the most critical Vastu paintings is a seven-horse artwork with the sun as a backdrop.

Vastu Shastra considers horses to be reasonable creatures. Moreover, hanging a picture of seven horses is said to have a calming effect on the mind and body. Consequently, Vastu Shastra recommends painting seven horses in the appropriate direction of your house to improve your efforts, resulting in excellent results and peaceful existence.

In accordance with the 7 horse vastu direction, painting in the South is one of the house’s most excellent seven-horse painting directions.

Horse Paintings Symbolism of the Seventh Number

The number seven has a unique meaning. It’s no coincidence that there are seven things in the universe: the seven seas (oceans), seven stars (constellations), and seven ancient Indian gurus. In Hinduism, the bride and groom must swear seven vows during their marriage ritual.

What Does The 7 Horse Painting Mean by Having Seven Horses?

This shows the painting of the horse to be optimistic. Seven horses in the picture signify power and achievement, according to Vastu. You may eliminate bad energy by putting a 7-horse picture in your house or business.

This 7 horse vastu direction will help you flourish. Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra believe that this might help people with money-related problems.

How to Position the Horse Painting Properly?

In your home, workplace, or business space, the Vastu orientation of the 7-horse artwork is crucial. According to the 7 horse vastu direction, the home’s seven-horse picture should face South. Therefore, you should hang the seven-horse artwork in the direction of the South, which is said to represent prosperity and reputation.

If you don’t have a wall in the South of your house or workplace, try hanging the 7-horse artwork towards the south-east. To show a horse artwork, in the same way, follow these instructions.

It’s essential to keep in mind a few things before moving on. First, whenever you hang a horse artwork, be careful to keep the horses’ faces toward the inside of the room or office space. The picture should not face the door of the room or workplace since it might have a harmful effect on your life.

Horse painting can help you eliminate things that are getting in the way of reaching your goals. Finally, the artwork should not include any chains, leashes, or ropes attached to the horses, which is a vital detail to keep in mind.

Painting Running Horses in Vastu Shastra Has a Significant Impact

Here are few compelling 7 horse vastu direction tips for achieving the best results:

  • The image of a horse galloping is a sign of speed. Therefore, it is best to hang the artwork of the seven rushing horses on the south-east wall of your home. Hanging the painting towards the east, you’ll find that you’re far more efficient than everyone else at accomplishing most activities you set out to do
  • Their force and freedom shine through in their running. Your creative side will benefit if you sit with your back to the west
  • Vastu says that horses are a symbol of prosperity. So if you hang it on the south wall of your house, all of your home projects will turn out well
  • As per experts of 7 horse vastu direction, seven red horses running at full speed should bring in good flow of money in the house.

What better way to bring good fortune into your life than by purchasing a horse artwork for your house or business and putting it in the right spot. As per Vastu, you’ll be able to get things done more quickly and efficiently and add a dash of beauty and luxury to the décor. But before making any alterations to your home or changing 7 horse vastu directions, speak with a Vastu expert as soon as possible.

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