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Vivo Y21 Tips and Tricks: Getting The Most Out of Your Phone


It’s always exciting to get a new Vivo Y21 smartphone. However, most consumers barely scratch the surface of what their phones are capable of. That’s where our best smartphone under 30000 tips and tricks for 2023 comes in.

They’ll assist you in realizing your smartphone’s full potential so it not only looks great but also functions well.

Vivo Y21 Tips and Tricks

  1. Navigation Gestures for a Seamless Experience

Say goodbye to the traditional navigation buttons! Vivo Y21 offers intuitive navigation gestures that provide a cleaner and more immersive screen experience.

To enable them, go to Settings > System navigation > Gestures. You can swipe up from the bottom to go home, swipe from the sides to go back, and swipe up and hold for recent apps.

  1. App Clone for Dual Apps

Do you have multiple social media or messaging accounts? Vivo Y21’s App Clone feature allows you to duplicate apps to manage two accounts simultaneously. Head to Settings > App clone to activate this feature and clone your favorite apps.

  1. Secure Your Data with App Lock

Privacy is a top concern for smartphone users, and Vivo Y21 has you covered. You can use the built-in App Lock feature to protect specific apps or sensitive documents. Go to Settings > Security & privacy > App lock to set up this handy security feature.

  1. Smart Click for Quick Actions
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Vivo Y21’s Smart Click feature allows you to assign quick actions to a double click or long press of the volume down button. Customize it to launch your favorite app, take a screenshot, or perform other actions. Find this feature in Settings > Convenience tools > Smart Click.

  1. Super Screenshot for Comprehensive Captures

Capture more than just what’s on your screen with Super Screenshot. It lets you take scrolling screenshots, long screenshots, and even screen recordings. To use this feature, press and simultaneously hold the volume down and power buttons.

  1. Smart Mirroring for Wireless Display

Want to share your screen with a larger audience? Vivo Y21 offers Smart Mirroring, allowing you to wirelessly cast your phone’s screen to a compatible TV or display device. Just go to Settings > More settings > Smart Mirroring to get started.

  1. Ultra Game Mode for Enhanced Gaming

Gamers, rejoice! Vivo Y21’s Ultra Game Mode provides an immersive gaming experience with features like Esports Mode, which allocates more resources for your games, and Game Picture-in-Picture, which lets you chat and play games simultaneously. Activate it from the Game Space app.

  1. Gestures for Quick Access

Vivo Y21 offers a range of gestures for quick access to various features. For example, drawing a “V” on the screen while it’s turned off activates the flashlight, and “S” opens the camera. To enable and customize these gestures, go to Settings > Smart Motion> Gestures and Motions.

  1. Hide Apps for Enhanced Privacy
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Do you have apps you’d rather keep private? Vivo Y21 lets you hide apps from the app drawer. Simply pinch your fingers together on the home screen, tap “Hide apps,” and select the ones you want to keep hidden.

  1. Customize Your Always-On Display

The Always-On Display (AOD) lets you see important information without unlocking your phone. Vivo Y21 allows you to customize the AOD to display your preferred clock style, notifications, and even personal messages. Configure it in Settings > Display & brightness > Always-On Display.

  1. Intelligent iManager for System Optimization

Ensure your device runs smoothly by using Vivo Y21’s built-in iManager. It helps you clean junk files, optimize system performance, and manage apps efficiently. Access it in Settings > iManager.

Summing Up!

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