Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wardruna Vancouver Concert At Orpheum Theatre, BC


Wardruna is a Norwegian folk ensemble that prides itself on remaining as authentic as possible. The band uses traditional Nordic instruments, poetry rhythms, and ancient Norweigan tongues to create their enchanting sound. The group began in 2009 and has spent years perfecting its sound, band formation, and live shows. Wardruna is bringing their ethereal compositions to a Vancouver audience in their Vancouver concert, transporting them to ancient Norway.

Wardruna’s Yggdrasil album

The new album by Wardruna is a beautiful mix of traditional and modern folk songs. The band uses traditional Nordic instruments and poetic meter, and the lyrics are written in Norwegian, Proto-Norse, and Old Norse. Multi-instrumentalist Einar Kvitrafn Selvik and songwriter Lindy-Fa Hella are the band’s mainstays, with guest vocalists on select tracks.

Tickets are on sale:

The Norwegian folk group Wardruna takes pride in being traditional and utilizing the oldest Nordic instruments, poetry rhythms, and ancient Norse tongues. Since forming in 2009, they have been perfecting their sound, band formation, and live performances. They are returning to North America to perform songs from their latest album, ‘Kvitravn.’ Their ethereal compositions will transport audiences to the ancient lands of Norway.

The album is densely rhythmic, with percussionists and voices alternating between chants, speech, and song. The opening chorus of “Baggins” is reminiscent of a forest’s twittering. As the album continues, a deep bass hmmm closes the album.

The band is on tour in November 2019. This tour marks ten years since the release of their first album and will feature new music and material that has never been performed live. The first European show will begin on December 4 at 10am CET, while the first Polish shows will begin on December 10.

Wardruna’s musical contributions to the TV series VIKINGS

Wardruna’s music has been featured extensively in the hit History Channel series Vikings, which follows the sagas of Viking King Ragnar Lothbrok. The band has already contributed several pieces to previous seasons and will continue to do so for the upcoming third season.

The band’s songs have been inspired by traditional Scandinavian instrumentation. The band uses instruments from the Norse era, including the tagelharpa and goat horn. They also have contributed to games and the soundtrack of television series. Selvik has also played the tagelharpa, a small harp brought to Norway by archaeologists.

Einar Selvik is a Norwegian composer and musician who founded Wardruna in 2003. His passion for the pre-Christian Norse culture grew after he stumbled across an old book on Nordic runes. He later began playing the drums for Norwegian black metal pioneer Gorgoroth. He then formed Wardruna with singer Lindy-Fay Hella, who is also an accomplished musician. The band focuses on interpreting the elder Futhark’s songs using ancient Nordic instruments and vocals.

Wardruna’s latest album Kvitravn (White Raven), was released on January 22, 2021, and was distributed by Norse Music in the U.S. and Sony Music/Columbia Records internationally. The album also featured Einar Selvik, who appeared on the television show.

Wardruna’s 2022 North American tour

After a postponement, Wardruna has announced new dates for their North American tour. The band has added shows in Salem, OR, Durham, NC, and Atlanta, GA. You can use those for the new shows if you have already bought tickets. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to catch the show in your city.

The band has already played over 40 concerts to date. They’ve released an interactive tour map to see where the band will play next. The band’s 2022 North American tour will take them to 34 cities across nine countries. If you’re interested in seeing Wardruna, now is the time to buy tickets.


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