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What are interesting facts about Savannah



Savannah is one of the oldest cities of the state of Georgia in the United States. The city has a unique nightlife, natural trails, events and much more. Those who are looking for the city and outdoor vibe at the same place, should come to Savannah. There are so many things to try in Savannah in 2023-2024. Check these interesting facts and useful facts about Savannah for your next trip. One of the most intriguing and distinctive places to go in the United States is Savannah. Also check the Frontier Check in policy before packing your bags.

Lesser known facts about Savannah

The region offers a plethora of well-known sites, thrilling attractions, and kind residents. If you want to visit this wonderful vacation spot or if you reside nearby. Take a look at these fascinating facts about Savannah, Georgia. You’re guaranteed to discover something new about Savannah, from the location of the most haunted locations to the name of the oldest structure in the city. You can reach Savannah from Frontier Flights and Frontier Check in allows you to check in online to save your time.

Savannah is General William T. Sherman’s Gift 

President Lincoln got Savannah during the civil war as a present. Union General William T. Sherman gifted this city to President Lincon in 1864 and after that this city came into existence with a new identity.

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First Planned city of US

Savannah is the first planned city of the United States is another lesser known fact. This city was planned with big ideas and expectations. It was the 13th colony of the United States. Savannah has the old city charm along with the modern charm. This fact makes it more interesting and worthy to visit.

Savannah Open Container Law

Savannah has open container law and there are only a few countries which follow this law. Savannah is in those rare countries where open container law exists.Here you can stroll to the historical destinations related to that time.

Girls Scout Founded in Savannah

Savannah is also popular as the founder of Girl Scouts. This city is charming and also has a remarkable side. Savannah is the city which started the concept of Girl’s Scouts. This is another reason that will make you curious to know more about Savannah.

Exotic Streets

Savannah has pretty streets that you won’t regret missing your transport. Savannah Streets contains ballast and cobblestone. This combination makes it beautiful and instagrammable.

Dolphins in Savannah River Port

This is another lesser known fact about Savannah that you can watch Dolphins in the Savannah river port. Here is an amazing chance to see Dolphins in this city. You can also enjoy a sunset with dolphins here.

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Oldest Plantation of United States

Savannah offers the oldest plantation of the United States. This location will provide you knowledge of some of the oldest plantations of Savannah. Wormsloe is the place where you can see a variety of plantations. It is considered as the most photogenic site of Savannah.

Spanish moss is a bromeliad

Spanish moss has a different meaning in Savannah. Here it is a herb instead of moss so if you are in Savannah, remember that Spanish moss is not actually Spanish moss it is actually bromeliad.

Most Haunted City

Savannah is the most haunted city of the United States. Although tourist places are safe. The city of Savannah also suffered from a huge mass fever. It is said that this is due to the mass graves which are located in Savannah.

First Museum of South

Telfair Mansion is the first museum of the south. It has been located in Savannah since 1819. This museum is the oldest museum of the United States. People from all over the world come to see this Museum.

Savannah was ruined multiple times

Savannah has faced several attacks in its history. The city was ruined multiple times and it was recreated all the time. The city has many stories and historical events. 

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What to pack for Savannah?

Savannah weather conditions are good so you can pack comfortable clothes according to the current weather. Check current weather and frontier online check in policy before packing your bags. The frontier airlines check in process will start prior to 24 hr of scheduled departure so make sure to complete the process on time.

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