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What Is An ITIL Certification Course?


Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is a collection of specific procedures for managing IT services (ITSM). ITIL aids organizations in maintaining consistency and having well-defined processes that include best practices and guarantee the best customer service. This framework is intended to match IT services with business objectives and requirements.

An ITIL Certification Course prescribes particular procedures and activities for IT services’ design, development, delivery, and support and ensures their delivery globally. It enables applicants to develop, deliver, and continuously improve tech-enabled products and services using an end-to-end operational model.

Nearly all businesses and organizations of all sizes use the ITIL framework, including:

  • Large, medium-sized, and tiny businesses
  • Educational institutions and systems
  • Governmental alternatives

An ITIL Framework Timeline

It was very different from today’s ITIL and was known as Government Information Technology Infrastructure Management (GITIM). Nearly every government agency and commercial company in Europe followed the framework, and by the early 1990s, ITIL had started to transform the way IT was used worldwide. This timeline shows the development of ITIL.

  • 1989: The inception of ITIL 2000: Publication of ITIL Version 2
  • Release of ITIL Version 3 (also known as ITIL Refresh Project) in 2007
  • ITIL Version 3 was updated in 2011
  • Version 4 was introduced in 2019

What does a professional in ITIL do?

Due to their thorough awareness of the particular requirements, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) professionals find it simple to create and implement a custom IT service management plan. Organizations can continuously improve their services per client demand with effective ITIL administration. As more companies see the advantages of ITIL management, the demand for ITIL-certified professionals is quickly increasing. ITIL experts have a variety of job positions based on the needs of their organizations, and each role has a particular set of responsibilities. Here are a few of them:

  • Business Relationship Manager: To keep a good relationship with clients, determine their demands, and make sure the service provider satisfies them.
  • Manager of Demand: To comprehend and shape client demand for services.
  • Service Portfolio Manager: In collaboration with the IT Steering Group, choose a strategy for providing customer service.
  • Service Strategy Manager: To explain and put the service strategy into practice.

Job Roles & Pay Scales for ITIL

The typical annual compensation for several ITIL-certified positions, from foundation level to master, is listed below:


Indian average income

  • Service Delivery Manager Rs 13.66 LPA
  • IT Analyst Rs 7.32 LPA
  • Asset Manager Rs 5.40 LPA
  • IT Project Manager Rs 14.33 LPA
  • IT Manager Rs 10.82 LPA
  • Engineering Manager Program Rs 18.20 LPA
  • Senior Project Manager Rs 18.18 LPA
  • Service Transaction Rs 13.34 LPA
  • Service Operations Rs 6.10 LPA

The benefits of choosing ITIL Certification

The ITIL framework, which is widely accepted, specifies the processes, duties, and checklists that are practically universal to all businesses. The most in-demand human resources today are ITIL specialists. It comes from the advantages these professionals may provide in accomplishing the organization’s vision with minimal expense. Being an ITIL expert has various advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Boost your employability to get better-paid jobs. Expect price increases of 10–12% at fundamental levels, 15–18% at practitioner levels, and 20–25% at expert levels.
  • An ITIL certification helps you develop your abilities and learn how to manage and apply ITIL across most IT systems.
  • The ITIL certification will always be in demand because it is a continuously updated course, and there will be a significant need for ITIL-certified professionals.
  • Allows you to apply creative ideas to create better services and contribute to continuous service improvement.
  • With an ITIL Certification, you can manage the project’s expenses and risks and find long-lasting solutions to difficult situations.
  • Get to work for some of India’s top organizations, such as Nokia, Ericsson, Accenture, Genpact, Wipro, Airtel, HCL, etc.

ITIL professionals need to have certain skills.

  • Strong expertise in analytics and AI
  • Knowledge of business relationship management and knowledge of knowledge management (BRM)
  • Understanding of business skills enabled by technology, such as DevOps
  • Customer management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving capabilities
  • The capacity to handle difficult business issues
  • Want to stay current on industry news
  • Inventive and entrepreneurial ability
  • Adaptable and quick
  • Managing abilities
  • Abilities in verbal and written communication
  • Negotiating techniques
  • Mental analysis

Which Sectors Employ ITIL Experts?

Professionals with knowledge and experience with ITIL ideas assist organizations and businesses in implementing the procedures effectively, enabling them to realize their goals on schedule. Because of this, the ITIL framework is not only used in the IT industry; many important sectors rely on its methodologies. The following industries have a higher demand for ITIL professionals:

  • Software sector
  • The public sector
  • Service industry
  • Sector of Manufacturing
  • Sector of education
  • Retailers
  • Monetary services
  • Entertainment
  • Health Sciences

Anyone may attain an ITIL Professional. ITIL certification is only available to work professionals, such as professionals seeking employment with businesses providing technology and IT services experts in IT services management

IT professionals

Senior-level and mid-level IT professionals.

These certificates can greatly benefit people at any level of any organization or business, from IT Project Support specialists to CIOs. Candidates can choose ITIL certification and use it to improve their performance in the appropriate industry, depending on their experience and knowledge.

How Can I Become a Professional ITIL?

You would need to take various levels of exams and receive the certification at each level to work as an ITIL professional. There are five stated levels in the ITIL v3 framework, the most recent version of this certification.

Foundation Level ITIL

2.5 days of classroom instruction are required, followed by a test. For the Foundation exam, the candidate may also choose to self-study and learn remotely.

  • Exam Duration – 60 minutes
  • Total Questions – 40
  • Question Type – Multiple Choice
  • Pass Percentage – 65%

Level ITIL Practitioner

It is the next level of certification, based on knowledge of actual ITIL procedures and how they are used in the real world. The ITIL Practitioner certification teaches applicants how to use the ITIL framework to accomplish business goals, enhance business metrics, and manage organizational transformation.

  • Exam Duration – 135 minutes
  • Total Questions – 40
  • Question Type – Multiple Choice
  • Pass Percentage – 70%

Intermediate ITIL Level

Each module for the ITIL Intermediate certification focuses on a distinct area of IT service management. Service Lifecycle and Service Capability are the two categories.

  • Service Lifecycle modules
  • Service Strategy (SS)
  • Service Design (SD)
  • Service Transition (ST)
  • Service Operation (SO)
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
  • Service Capability modules
  • Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)
  • Planning, Protection, and Optimization (PPO)
  • Release, Control, and Validation (RCV)
  • Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA)

Expert TIL Level

A high-level certification that addresses all facets of ITIL procedures and practices in various fields. You must achieve a minimum of 17 credits from the Foundational, Practitioner, and Intermediate modules, pass the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) test and accrue 22 credits to be able to take the ITIL Expert Level certification exam. It is a crucial prerequisite for earning the ITIL Master certification.

MALC Exam Structure

  • Exam Duration – 120 minutes
  • Total Questions – 10 scenario-based questions
  • Question Type – Multiple Choice, Closed Book
  • Pass Percentage – 70%

Master ITIL Level

The ITIL Master Level certification verifies a candidate’s understanding of the ITIL framework and qualifies them to use it in practical settings. This certification covers all ITIL practices and concepts. A master of ITIL must:

  • Have earned certification as an ITIL Expert
  • Possess at least 5 years of management-related ITIL experience.
  • Passed the ITIL evaluation panel’s interview


An ITIL certification course is widely recognized as a sign of competence in IT service management. With an ITIL certification, you’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers and set yourself apart from the competition.

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