Friday, September 22, 2023

What is the Let Me In Meme From?


The let me in meme began on Facebook, poking fun at advertising on the social network. It also made fun of the way Girl Scouts were included in boy Scout troop meetings. While it was political in nature, it is now used to convey the sentiment of inclusion in any environment.

Eric Andre’s show

If you’ve ever wondered why there’s an Eric Andre show meme, you’re not alone. The character’s prank on a guest, Amber Rose, was the inspiration for this viral image. While the original post made fun of a fictitious racist tweet, the phrase has grown in popularity as a way to express a range of more mundane feelings.

The show is a parody of public-access talk shows and features a wide array of guests. Some of these guests have included professional wrestler Chris Jericho and adult film star Asa Akira. The show also pranks the general public. While most of the show’s stars are celebrities, other notable characters have appeared as regulars, including Hannibal Buress and Jimmy Kimmel.

Hannibal Burress’s “Pretzels is the same” meme

“Pretzels is the same, no matter what brand you buy,” was the famous quote from Hannibal Burress’s appearance on the Eric Andre Show. Burress had compared several pretzel brands and concluded that they are all the same. That line was picked up by many people and quickly became a meme.

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