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What To Expect From A Professional Moving Company


Moving is never fun. Whether you are moving across town or the country, packing boxes and loading trucks can be stressful. Moving requires careful planning and preparation. That is why hiring a professional mover is a smart move.

They can handle the heavy lifting and ensure your belongings arrive safely at their destination. Movers also offer other services like packing, storage, and delivery. Some even provide packing supplies and furniture assembly. So, hiring a professional mover can save you time and money.

If you want to move with minimal stress, hire a moving company with an excellent reputation. Here are some things to expect from professional moving companies.

1. Timely Arrival at Your Home

A good moving company will arrive at your house at the agreed upon time. Although they might delay because of traffic, accidents, or other situations outside their control, a professional moving company always ensures they arrive on time. They arrive with their truck marked with the company’s name and large enough to carry all your items.

Upon arrival, the driver, who in most cases is the supervisor, introduces himself and the crew and provides you with all the necessary documents like valuation addendum or order of service before loading your items on the truck. You then need to confirm that the details in the documents are clear and exactly as agreed upon.

2. Taking Inventory

You may have already taken inventory and sent it to the moving company to get a quote. However, a professional moving company will review the list again to ensure the crew understands what they will load onto the truck and what stays. Then, the crew walks through your home, prepares their inventory, assesses the condition of every item, and gives your inventory a number.

You then need to confirm that their inventory aligns with yours and every item is in the condition stated in the list. Then request a copy of this inventory. However, it is essential to guide the movers during the walk-in to show them breakables, sensitive items, and valuables. Also, show them the furniture to be disassembled and all other relevant
information regarding the move.

3. Ample Protection of your Home

A good moving company will take protective measures when loading the items to avoid property damage, injuries, and accidents. For example, they use plywood sheets and special moving blankets to protect your stairways, banisters, floors, and carpets from scratches, dirt, or dents.

In addition, these measures reduce trips and falls when lifting heavy items. The movers also come with handy tools like carrying straps, furniture pads, and floor runners for maximum protection of your items and home and to ensure movers work efficiently.

4. Timely Delivery

Once everything is safe and secure inside the truck, the journey to your new home begins. You can expect them at your doorstep at the agreed-upon time and day. Then pay them upon delivery.


A good moving company unloads the boxes upon arrival and marks every item against the inventory to ensure nothing is damaged or missing. They can also reassemble furniture, unpack the boxes, connect electronics, and dispose of the packing material. Then, upon request, they can help you arrange the home.

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