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What Tools and Materials Do I Need for a Successful Curtain and Blind Installation?


Window Curtains or blinds are the type of window treatment that gives an aesthetic and elegant look to your space.Installing a curtain or blind is not a rocket science, you just need some essential tools and materials for this process. Proper installation of blinds will give you privacy and protect the interior of your home, ultimately making your room elegant and beautiful. Now, you need not worry because, in this guide, we will let you know all the necessary equipment for curtain installation. 

Essential Tools and Materials

Below are some essential equipment that you will need while installing  Dubai curtains or blinds for the windows of your home. 

Type of Curtain or blinds

There are various types of blinds and curtains that you can select; some blinds have slats that prevent the entry of sunlight, which are known as horizontal curtains; if you have a large window, you will need a vertical curtain for proper covering. 

If you want to avoid the access of light in the room, it is suggested to choose the blackout curtains. 

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Measuring Tape

Take precise measurement of the window frame where you are going to install a covering to avoid mismanagement. Proper window measurement ensures on-point curtain adjustments. This exact size makes your curtains look beautiful.  


The drill machine makes holes in the walls for brackets that secure the proper fitting. There are available different drills like combi or SDS drills. If you want to install curtains on the concrete wall, use an SDS drill. It is known as the Slotted Drive System, and it is used on bricks, concrete, or masonry. 

The Combi drills are also available, and you can use it with a hammer attached to it. The drill bits are used to make holes in the wall. 

Screw and Plug

The screwdriver and plugs are used to ensure the secure fitting of the curtains. You can use an anchor and regular screw if no stud is on the wall. Measure the proper level and then use this screw to fit the blinds. You can use yellow, brown, and red rawl plugs with specific drill bits and screws. 


You can use an anchor during curtain installation if there is no stud present on the wall. They support your curtains in breezy situations and ensure a secure fitting. For a drywall, it is recommended to use the anchor for maximizing support. 

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You can use a pencil to mark the area for drilling holes in the wall. It will ensure accuracy. 

Stud Finder

There is also the need for a stud finder; it helps to find the exact location of the studs on the wall. They provide a place for brackets to hold the curtains. The type of stud detector you choose depends upon your preferences. You can use an electric or magnetic stud finder. 


To provide support to your blinds or curtains, you should use brackets. They are also known as curtain holders that can be fixed or adjustable. These brackets keep the curtain in place. You can use round, square, angular, and curly brackets, depending on your need. 

Cord Cleats

If you have children or pets in your home, you should use a cord cleat. These are used to keep the cords in place. The cord cleats help to keep the blinds away from the reach of children, thus ensuring secure fitting of the curtains.

Spirit Level 

To make sure that the blinds or curtains are hung in the right place, you can use a spirit level. Uneven blind installation could reduce the visual appearance of a space. 

Maintenance Tips For Curtains & Blinds So They Can Last Longer

  • Avoid using cleaners that contain toxic chemicals to maintain the looks of your window blinds and curtains.
  • A weekly cleaning routine is a must so they work efficiently. 
  • Always double-check the hardware and accessories so they won’t interrupt the functionality of your blinds and curtains.
  • Make sure that you are keeping your window coverings safe from your pet to avoid scratch and damages. 
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Curtains and blinds could be an excellent way to add life to your living space, but how these get installed is a necessary aspect to consider. Specific tools make the whole curtain installation process easy and effective. Using measuring tape, brackets, drill, screwdriver, plug, anchor, and pencil, proper curtain installation can be done. The adequate and even curtain installation gives your space an elegant and aesthetic look and ensures the safety of your children. 

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