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What’s xResolver? [+6 Alternatives]


xResolver is a database online that holds all IP addresses for gamers online. resolver collects the IP addresses of gamers by studying the usernames of players. The X which is the name of the database refers to Xbox. Xbox console. However, it is compatible with other gaming consoles. That’s why sometimes called PlayStation resolver or Xbox resolver.

We need to better understand the inner workings of xResolver.

What precisely xResolver?

xResolver described the online service that monitors Gamertags as well as IP addresses of players playing Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. Specifically, xResolver is used to secure the Gamertag and usernames against hackers on the internet. The principal objective that is primary purpose of xResolver’s software is to assist in the conversion of Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses.

To accomplish these tasks, xResolver comprises an Xbox resolver that makes use of robots to gather information. The information gathered includes the username and name of the user which belongs to the Xbox player, as well as their ISP’s address, as well as their IP address.

What exactly is xResolver Do?

It is responsible for the storage and management of data that is publicly available in IP addresses as well as the connection to Gamertags. Furthermore, this kind of data is made freely accessible. It’s technically permitted to publish it on a website everyone can browse.

The other issue is that the person who is trying to link your IP address with your profile might not be doing it with good intentions. There’s a good chance it is an attacker who is looking for the details related to the profile on your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile, and the IP address associated with your account.

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xResolver lets you access your personal information to anyone interested. Additionally, your personal data is linked with the physical connection of your network with your online identity internet. If they gain an access point to the personal data it’s possible that they can attack you in a variety of ways. This could be an attack known as distributed denial of service (DDOS) and other attacks.

Features of xResolver

xResolver packed a variety of intriguing features. Let’s take a look at the most effective of these features.

Identification of Geo Location

xResolver helps you identify the position of your adversaries. Its IP lookup tool lets you to accomplish this. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of an IP address that gamers use. This attribute is one of the most fascinating.

IP Logger

With xResolver you can make custom hyperlinks. But, you can get the IP address of a person by forwarding these links to individuals. These customized links assist in getting data

It is connected to the location as well as the connected location. It has a function that is tied to location and browser. It also aids in identifying the incognito mode.

It is the Gamertag Resolver as well as PSN usernames. Gamertag Resolver as well as PSN username, additionally, xResolver offers a comprehensive range of capabilities and features to Xbox and PlayStation users. Additionally, the aid of the tool in the removal of data that are related to IP addresses. To locate usernames and Gamertags it is not necessary to hunt for bots through the internet. Artificial Intelligence is built into the program which makes life easier and easy.

User-Friendly Interface and Functioning

The process for using xResolver is straightforward. It will identify the IP address in just a few minutes. Finding the Gamertag is not difficult.

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Blacklisting of Personal IP Addresses

Blacklisting is one of the main features that you can avail of separately when you use xResolver. Further, This feature allows users to protect their personal data as well as the IP addresses of other users. Whatever their level of technical proficiency, they won’t be able to access your personal information in any way.

Let’s take a look at some alternatives that can be used with the xResolver.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is a free Xbox and PSN resolver, in addition to a Gamertag puller. It is able to monitor and pull IP addresses of PSN as well as Xbox games in real-time. It can also help you find the Gamertag linked to the ISP addresses for your opponents.

It’s a free resolver and can be installed fast and easily. Lanc Remastered PCPS can be used alongside Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and any video game you’re a fan of. It’s an extension of an application that’s running on your PC. The database is accessible via the internet. It’s a great alternative to the XResolver.


OctoSniff is described as an IP sniffer that lets you maximize your game experience. It also comes with many amazing options like easy installation, plenty of tutorials, and support available at all hours of the day. The user-friendly interface is easy to comprehend the procedure. This resolver is completely uncontaminated by malware.

OctoSniff can help you identify packets. It will assist you in determining which IPs belong to the servers that host servers in games and which ones are through Xbox chats. Furthermore, it’s the only game that has PS4 Username AI functionality. This feature lets you recognize the connection between packets and those who own them.

Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter gives you the best Ip grabber and IP booter and IP puller, for those who utilize an Xbox console.

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The IP Booter is solid layers of 4 and 7, which attempt to bring gamers offline. The IP puller can identify and delete IP addresses from Xbox consoles. Xbox console. However, the IP grabber it comes with permits you to get IP addresses using the logger or monitoring software.

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer Console Sniffer Console Sniffer is an internet surveillance and search tool for every console. It allows you to view both the user’s IP and the names of players you play against in the game. Since it doesn’t require jailbreaking, and it works with wireless or Wifi connections.

Console Sniffer is simple to install and doesn’t require cables. It works with VPNs. Once you have purchased and installed it, you’ll be in a position to download the application and begin using it. Apart from video games, you can use them only on Windows-based systems.

Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding provides Psycho Coding is the Xbox online data-search database that includes PCPS, LANC, as well along with a myriad of other Xbox tools.

In addition to allowing users access to Xbox gamer data, it offers VPN servers for seven distinct locations. These comprise Canada, France, London, Sydney, Hillsboro, Germany, and Eygelshoven.


Cakes provide an Xbox XUID capture program that permits you to obtain the XUID by using the Gamertag used by your opponent. This resolver is not equipped with the capability to save any information related to XUIDs, or Gamertags.

In this situation, it’s a matter of having to enter the Gamertag of the participant. Choose the format you prefer between two options that comprise Hexadecimal or decimal. If you press”Resolve” it will tell you the XUID code that is linked with the Gamertag.


Here are some alternatives to xResolver you could try. It is essential to check the security level they provide before using. These guidelines can assist you to avoid negative issues which are associated with these resolvers.

There’s a chance that you’re looking to learn about how you can keep your personal IP secret from all Internet users.

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