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Where To Find Juneteenth Flag?

Best Juneteenth Flags For Sale

Acquiring the Juneteenth Flag is not a huge issue. It comes when we get Juneteenth flags as per our wish or demand.

So for those wondering where to buy Juneteenth Flag, there’s no better place than Black Flag Matter 2 Me.

Because it provides you with the best quality, so what are you waiting for, choose and order it immediately.

What Exactly Is The Juneteenth Flag?

The Juneteenth Flag is actually a tradition and a way to remember loved ones. The Juneteenth flag is not actually a flag, but each color design in it tells the story behind it.

The colors red, green and black in the Juneteenth flag are a reminder of the blood of the screamer’s loved ones that they shed during the war.

Red represents blood, blue represents hope and black color represents sadness in the memory of those comrades. It is also known as the African American Juneteenth Flag.

Because this day is celebrated on June 19th in memory of Black People when they gained freedom by shedding blood. The Juneteenth flag was created in 1997 with a new version created in 2000. Which is decorated on every building on that day.

What Does The Star On The Juneteenth Flag Mean?

The color design of the Original Juneteenth Flag is exactly the same as the color of the official American flag which are Blue, red and white.

The red and blue star- studded flag has a double outline around it which adds to its beauty and tells its own story.

The star on the Juneteenth flag is a beacon that shines through the lives of African Americans. Black people were in the dark during the American Civil War when Abraham Lincon declared freedom for the settlers in Texas.

Two years and six months later, when the black people received the news of their freedom, their lives shone like that star, and they began to celebrate the day with great noise, declaring that it was the Juneteenth flag.

Therefore, we can say that the star in the Juneteenth Flag is like a new ray of hope for the African American people that they saw at the time of independence.

What Is The History Of Black Flag Matter?

Freed Texas in 1865 and the black people in it began to dance, sing and celebrate, when they were freed from the American Civil War.

And the Black Flags Matter actually commemorates those African American Black people who shed their blood. Earlier black flag matter was celebrated only in one state. But gradually it started to be celebrated in all states.

And it came to be believed that June 19th is not only the day of black people’s freedom, but the day of African American black people in all states.

And on that day, this flag was hoisted on all the buildings. Some people fly a red, green and black flag because they believe that this flag accurately reflects the day.

Why The June 19th, 2021 Ceremony Was Called Juneteenth Flag Chicago?

The June 19th, 2021 ceremony is called Juneteenth flag Chicago because that day became a public holiday.

They were celebrated as seminars to celebrate the passing of law. And Chicago was the first to recognize black people’s day as an international day.

 And it was announced that every year from 19th June 2022 this day will be observed as a holiday.

Why To Buy Dedication Juneteenth Black Flag?

After knowing about the Juneteenth flag, the question must be coming to your mind: where to buy the Juneteenth flag.

So for this there will be no better option than Black Flag Matter 2 Me because 3*5 or 3*8 dimensions make a flag that can represent your culture then don’t wait.

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