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Why is Kingston so Popular


Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is a picturesque Caribbean island nation. Despite being Jamaica’s major city, Kingston is not an internationally renowned tourist attraction. The seaside cities of Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios attract a great deal of tourists. I was in Ocho Rios for my closest friend’s wedding, and the cheapest flight I could locate got us to Kingston. 

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  1. Venture To A Waterfall

Kingston is surrounded by greenery, mountains, and waterfalls. So, getting out of town and visiting a waterfall is one of the top things to do in Kingston! To get away from the Jamaican warmth, there are numerous magnificent cascades where you’re able to swim. Cascade Falls, Cane River Falls, and Falling Edge Waterfalls are all close to Kingston. But, most waterfalls are inaccessible by public transportation. To explore most of the waterfalls in Kingston, you’ll need to rent a car, go with a local, or book a tour.

  1. Hope Botanical Gardens

The Hope Botanical Gardens are a stunning green oasis in the middle of the city. This garden is actually Kingston’s largest green space! Visitors can stroll around the beautiful gardens and relax or picnic in the shade on the 200 acres of land here. There are also interesting botanical collections to visit where you may see native plants and flowers. If you’re interested, the Hope Zoo is next to the Hope Botanical Gardens!

  1. The Blue Mountains
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Exploring the Blue Mountains is one of the top day trips from Kingston. This lovely mountain range lies to the east of the city. I was really delighted to see the Blue Mountains with a local tour company because I love nature and hiking. I was devastated, and it was one of the reasons I didn’t have the finest time in Kingston. But, I’ve heard it’s a beautiful section of Jamaica for those who do get to visit. Hiking, biking, swimming in waterfalls, touring coffee farms, and other activities are available. If you’re up for it, you can even get up early and hike Blue Mountain Peak at sunrise!

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  1. Coronation Market

A central market hall is in many international cities. This is a gathering spot for residents to buy and sell fruit and other things. Kingston is no different! Coronation Market is Jamaica’s largest market. It is also the oldest English-speaking Caribbean market. This lively market hall is busy and packed, yet it’s the ideal place to meet Jamaicans, buy cheap goods, and sample local cuisine.

  1. Devon House

Devon House is another excellent Kingston tourist attraction. George Stiebel, Jamaica’s first black millionaire, lived in this 19th-century home. The structure is magnificent, and it has beautiful gardens, cafes, shops, and the famed Devon House Bakery. More information about tours and attractions can be on the Devon House website.

  1. Ice Cream At Devon House
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This ice cream shop is consistently ranked among the greatest in the entire globe. Our local Airbnb hosts also raved upon it, so we had to go. Devon House ice cream seemed like bliss after a day of exploring in the sweltering Jamaican air. But be warned: it’s not cheap! Matt and I each ordered a cup with two scoops, which cost 2599 Jamaican dollars, or about $20 USD.

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