Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Your Guide for Video Pre-production


Video pre-production holds equal importance to the production and post-production stages, yet this initial step can sometimes get overlooked. As is often said, preparation is the most important component of success. Prepare properly for video pre-production and you’ll find the ensuing stages go that much more smoothly. 

Here’s how to master the art of video pre-production, setting the stage for ensuring success in the form of well-executed video marketing content that persuades your target audience to buy into your value proposition. 

Video Pre-production Done Right

The basics of video production are regularly highlighted by industry experts. But even those trusted sources of information can sometimes overlook the importance of pre-production. Pre-production occurs before filming and editing. IT centers on planning to ensure the video marketing project stays within budgetary constraints and doesn’t extend beyond the designated timeframe. 

There is a strong argument to be made that pre-production is partially synonymous with production as there is an overlap between the two. Aside from setting a budget, video pre-production also includes storyboarding, the identification of locations for filming and more. View pre-production as an opportunity to develop the storyline of the video marketing content, establish the “skeleton” that will later support the “meat” of the content. 

The pre-production process is best thought of as a strategic planning phase in which you and your team or your video marketing professionals set the table for success. Delve into the details of the who, what, where and why of the ensuing production challenge, create the script for your video marketing story and you’ll have a launching pad to success.

Establish a Scope

Video marketing content extends well beyond a single ad placed on Connected TV, the web or regular cable TV. Video marketing content is an ongoing process that requires additional filming of new content in the months, financial quarters and years ahead. Recognize you won’t be able to maximize your audience engagement with a single video, narrow the scope of your video content marketing to the current project and you’ll maintain a laser-like focus that facilitates the artful, timely and affordable creation of truly engaging video content. 

Narrowing the scope of the video marketing project requires the creation of a video script with storyboards. If you aren’t creative or lack experience in marketing, do not hesitate to outsource the project to the professionals. The best video marketing content has a clear beginning, middle and end that resonates with the viewing audience. Instead of attempting to perfect the “bookends” of the script at the start of the writing process, focus on the narrative. Your video’s plot should center on a challenge relevant to your viewing audience, along with how that problem can be solved with your unique value offering.

Once the script of the video marketing content is written, move those words into a more actionable form through storyboards. Storyboards serve as brief visual portrayal of commercial scenes. Use your storyboards to highlight the details of the video presentation such as the setting, lighting and positioning of characters and you’ll seamlessly transition to production in which your plan is executed to perfection.

Pre-produce Videos With the Target Audience in Mind

The pre-production process should center on the target audience’s identity and pain points. Keep your target audience at the forefront of your mind during the pre-production process, tailoring the nuances of the following to your target prospects:

  • Script
  • Film setting
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics 

Be mindful of your prospects’ needs, preferences and desires throughout the pre-production process and your content will make a meaningful impression. Buyer persona characteristics ranging from age to occupation, income, gender and location all matter a great deal, adding up to a cohesive whole that is significantly more important than the individual components. 

Even your buyer personas’ hobbies, interests and previous purchases should be considered during the pre-production process. Such subtleties are often overlooked yet serve as invaluable opportunities for your business to develop a legitimate rapport, paving a path toward capturing and maximizing market share.

Coordinate People and Acquire Equipment

The success of your video production process hinges on your willingness and ability to plan. The metaphorical “nuts and bolts” along with the practical logistics of video pre-production are especially important. Obtain the equipment and materials necessary for filming including:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Green screen
  • Acoustic devices
  • Forementioned storyboard/script
  • Actors

Above all, don’t forget to consider logistical challenges including the coordination of participants to ensure they arrive at the filming location on time and ready to work. If even a single person is late or fails to show up to the recording session, it will jeopardize the integrity and timeliness of the video marketing shoot.

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